Why Real Estate Investors Don’t Scale Their Businesses

Side View Of Real Estate Designer Working On Computer In Office

There’s no rule that says real estate investors have to scale their businesses. In fact, many fix-and-flip investors look at it as a side hustle to supplement their income. Some just enjoy the hands-on work of home renovations and like making a bit of cash along with it. But are those the only reasons people […]

What Makes a Successful Real Estate Investor

One successful fix-and-flip investor looks at a laptop while another man holds it and points to the screen.

Do you have the characteristics of a successful fix-and-flip investor? With all of the ups and downs of the real estate market and economy as a whole in 2022, we wanted to do a deep dive into the minds of real estate investors. We didn’t just want to hear what they thought of that year’s […]

Creating Consistency to Scale Your Fix-and-Flip Business

Couple talking about home renovation. Standing in the kitchen and discussing apartment renovation ideas.

[Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from our new guide, “Less Sweat, More Equity: How to Scale Your Fix-and-Flip Business.” Read the full guide to get started on scaling your business today.] Consistency is one of the keys to scaling your fix-and-flip business. If you’re constantly looking for new contractors, buying different materials, or changing […]

Top Real Estate Investors Share Why Flips Fail

Aerial view of a suburban neighborhood

Covering everything from fix-and-flip horror stories to how to stay successful in an unsteady housing market, Stoa’s “Why Flips Fail” webinar is filled with pearls of wisdom from successful real estate investors. Cesar Yepez, Doffis Absher, and Larry Mohammed joined Stoa for the hour-long discussion. Having different business sizes and working in different markets, each […]

How a General Contractor Became a Real Estate Investor with Stoa

When it comes to fix-and-flipping homes, a residential general contractor is a must-have. They have the connections to get low-cost, high quality materials, they know trusted tradespeople, and they have the skills to manage a multifaceted project from start to finish. This is also why general contractors can make great fix-and-flippers. They just have to […]

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