How Real Estate Investors Can Use Proptech to Be More Efficient

Real estate investor using property technology on laptop in his office.

Finding a house. Pricing repairs. Buying the house. Hiring contractors. Managing the project. Selling the house. Repeat. Summed up like that, the work of a fix-and-flip investor doesn’t seem like a lot, but the minutia in each of those steps adds up quickly. And if you have multiple projects going at once, it can be […]

The Evolution of Proptech

Three homes growing from small to large to represent the evolution of proptech.

Auto-ordering construction materials. AI-based property evaluations. Crowdfunded real estate investing. Property technology, more commonly known as proptech, has come a long way. In fact, according to a white paper on proptech from Bank Leumi USA, we’re in the “Proptech 3.0” phase and moving into 4.0. Combining big data with innovative software applications — and more […]

Creating a New Category in Proptech

Aerial view of a typical suburb

“Wow. That is brilliant.” I just spent several days at a major real estate industry conference where Stoa was a top-tier sponsor. As Stoa’s marketing leader, I told the team that our top goal was to create brand awareness. I wanted people in the industry to recognize our name. Coming off a recent rebrand, this […]

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