3 Ways to Prevent Scope Creep in Fix-and-Flip Investments

Building consultant. engineer and contractor discussing material specification from client in construction site area.

“Maybe if I knock down this wall …” “A window might look even better here …” “I bet if I install marble countertops …” And before you know it, you’ve added weeks of work and thousands of dollars to your fix-and-flip project. Scope creep is insidious. From the examples above to smaller things like adding […]

How to Avoid Over- and Under-Renovating a Fix-and-Flip Investment

A suburban neighborhood, looking down a sidewalk at all of the two-story homes

When some people imagine over-renovating a home, they’re thinking Italian marble floors and golden claw-foot bathtubs. But it can be more subtle than that. The same goes for under-renovating a home. Going with less expensive fixtures may seem to make good financial sense, but you risk not maximizing the home’s resale value. From countertops to […]

13 Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Your Next Renovation

Two construction workers look at a home they are renovating

Hiring a contractor to work on your house flip renovation project can be stressful. You want to build a long-term, trusting relationship to streamline your projects, so ensuring you align on communication, workmanship, and goal-setting (among other things) is paramount. Lacking that alignment is a major reason why flips fail. But how do you find […]

How a General Contractor Became a Real Estate Investor with Stoa

When it comes to fix-and-flipping homes, a residential general contractor is a must-have. They have the connections to get low-cost, high quality materials, they know trusted tradespeople, and they have the skills to manage a multifaceted project from start to finish. This is also why general contractors can make great fix-and-flippers. They just have to […]

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