Fast, 7% Asset-Based Loans to Fund Your Flips

Scaling your business can be difficult when all you’re thinking about is the money. A fast and easy 7% asset-based loan from Stoa can be the advantage you need to grow with less risk.

The Less-Stress Way to Invest

See why fix-and-flip investing is better with Stoa.

Get asset-based loans as low as 7% with no points and no credit check required. (Yes, you read that right.) 

Your loan can cover up to 90% of your property’s value. The entire cost of renovation is also on us. 

Skip the headache of listing your flip. With our funding offer, you’ll also get a committed buyer and a sales contract. 

“Stoa has been a godsend. I get industry-leading rates, proactive communication, and almost immediate support while on-site doing renovations. But the best part is having an upfront buyer — no hassles or worrying. I’m already looking forward to my next deal.”

Julie Magill

Jalexian Enterprises